Full Throttle Blue Demon

As promised, here is my review of Full Throttle Blue Demon. Right when I cracked open the can, I had a feeling things would be looking up for this type of Full Throttle. It had a very nice smell to it. Almost berry like. Then I took a sip and sure enough, it was a nice fruity flavour. The Full Throttle Blue Demon says it is blue agave and fruit flavor. Apparently, blue agave is the same cactus they use to make tequila. Don’t worry: I’m not drunk, nor was there a worm at the bottom of the can! Here is proof indicating my discovery about blue agave as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_agave. Good old Wikipedia. What would I do without you?

Also, I found Full Throttle’s website: http://www.drinkfullthrottle.com/. Unfortunately, it is undergoing construction at the moment, but it looks as it they are changing the labels and they apparently have a coffee brand of energy drink, just like Monster and Rockstar previously released. Seems to be the big thing now: Get your caffeine the way you’re used to, but with some B-vitamins added to it as well!

Anyway, I recommend all the brands of Full Throttle. I had tried their Unleaded (Sugar-Free) version a while back and I like it better than the regular, to be honest. Still the same citrus flavor, but for some reason, there seems to be more pop to the flavor with Unleaded. And the good thing about the Unleaded brand is they don’t use aspartame as the sweetener, and we’ve all heard about the side effects with aspartame. And if you haven’t, I’d rather not display them here for your own benefit. This is a blog about being tasteful and I’d like to keep it that way.

So go ahead and give all the flavors of Full Throttle a try!


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