Hello world!

Welcome to the first ever posting on my blog! My name is Brett. I’m from that wonderful country called Canada. What this blog is about is my take on certain energy drinks on the market.

I have tried numerous energy drinks out there. Some are good, some are bad, but again, this is all my opinion.

One of my favorite energy drinks on the market is Full Throttle. They have four different flavors: Full Throttle (Citrus), Fury (Tropical), Blue Demon (Blue Agave & Fruit) and Unleaded (Sugar Free Citrus). Both the regular and Unleaded have a nice sparkling citrus flavor that rolls off your tastebuds and is very crisp and clean. Quite enjoy these ones, but the one I do like more out of the FT line-up is Fury. The tropical punch flavor just screams “There’s a party in my mouth…and everyone’s invited!” Makes me want to head to the Bahamas, but there’s no need to blow $1800 on that trip when you can just down a FT Fury!

I will return tomorrow with my review of FT Blue Demon, as I have yet to try this flavor, but am very excited to.


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