Facts About Guarana

As many of you know, Guarana is a consistent ingredient in many energy drinks. Most, if not all, you have seen on this board contain Guarana. For those wondering what Guarana is, it is a type of bean that comes from a plant, similar to that of a coffee bean. And just like coffee, Guarana is native to Brazil. In fact, Brazil, which is also the third-largest consumer of soft drinks, has manufactured numerous soft drinks of their own containing Guarana. Something I never knew until researching recently. And unlike coffee, Guarana contains twice as much caffeine (2-4.5% in Guarana compared to 1-2% in coffee).

But like coffee: If you have too much guarana, it may cause jittering and may even cause seizures in some people. You see: When the cans of energy drinks say “Drink one can per day,” they aren’t doing it for their own health. They’re doing it because you should only drink that much in one day. That’s all I ever drink. You may see days where I review numerous energy drinks, but I never drink that many in a single day. And I urge everyone to only have whatever energy drink cans say. Trust me: It’s for your own health.


One Response to “Facts About Guarana”

  1. […] chocolate. It is also found in guarana beans, which are very similar to coffee beans according to Brett’s Energy Drinks. So, be careful of those guarana filled energy drinks, caffeine is a hell of a […]

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