Red Bull Crashed Ice from Quebec City

Last night, the most exciting event in “La Belle Province” took place. That, of course, would be the Red Bull Crashed Ice race. Apparently, this event is treated like World Cup Skiing and NASCAR racing: Whoever has the most overall points during the season wins. Granted, there are only two races on the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour at the moment. The other event, other than Quebec City, took place in Munich, Germany, back in January.

Female and male racers took part in this event last night from countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Germany. And what fun was had by all! I was only able to watch the taped event, but still. Very, very exciting to watch, even from your living room!

Here were the end results from both the women’s and men’s divisions:

Women’s Final

1. Kerri Muir (Last year’s champion), Calgary, AB

2. Megan Vermillon, Edmonton, AB

3. Kailee Ryan, Calgary, AB

4. Salla Kyhala, Helsinki, Finland

Men’s Final

1. Kyle Croxall, Toronto, ON

2. Martin Niefnicker, Germany

3. Scott Croxall, Toronto, ON

4. Louis-Philippe Duloumin

Martin Niefnicker may not have won the race in Quebec City, but due to his performance in Munich two months ago, he was crowned the champion for the 2010 season. Due to the increasing popularity of Crashed Ice, they are looking at expanding the tour from two races to five. Would love to see that myself, as two races a year just isn’t enough!

Congratulations to all who participated this year!


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