Panax Ginseng

We have reviewed a number of ingredients that go into energy drinks. But one ingredient that has always stood out to me is panax ginseng. This ingredient can be found in energy drinks such as Rockstar, Xenergy and AMP, but it is common in other energy drinks as well.

Ginseng is commonly grown in eastern Asia,  primarily Korea, China and Siberia. Typically, in cooler climates. The Korean Panax Ginseng seems to be the most common, as I always find it in Xenergy and Rockstar. But most energy drinks list it as Panax Ginseng, not specifying if it is Korean, Chinese or Siberian. Ginseng has also been grown in countries such as Germany and even in Wisconsin, USA.

So where does the word “Panax” come from? Simple. “Panax” is the botanical/genus name and means “all-heal” in Greek. It shares the same origin as “panacea” and was apparently applied to this genus, as Linnaeus was aware of its uses as a muscle relaxant in Chinese medicine.

But Ginseng has been discovered to be used for other treatments. One common use of ginseng is to treat Type II diabetes, as well as sexual dysfunction in men (Don’t have to worry about that for a while personally, but good to know). It is even used as an aphrodisiac and for nourishment.

Its purpose in energy drinks though is, of course, to provide energy. Being the avid consumer of energy drinks myself (obviously), I have discovered any time I have consumed an energy drink with ginseng has keep me going throughout the day. Sometimes, maybe more than I would like. I feel great because of the ginseng, though the other ingredients certainly do their part as well.

Source: Wikipedia


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