AMP Energy Re-Ignite

I made a joke to my American readers yesterday reminding them it was their tax day yesterday. Hopefully, all of my friends south of the 49th filed their taxes on time. But to my Canadian readers: Don’t forget your returns have to be in two weeks from now! I’m done mine, so I’m not worried!

Anyway, onto today’s review. Yesterday, I picked up AMP Energy Re-Ignite, as I have never had it before. It is orange flavored, which is a rare flavor for energy drinks. You see citrus flavored, but hardly just orange. AMP Energy Re-Ignite tastes just like orange soda, but it has your B Vitamins, taurine, ginseng and electrolytes. AMP Energy Re-Ignite indicates its purpose is to restore alertness. Well, they are 100% accurate about that! Not that I needed it entirely, but it always helps. Plus it tastes good!

Tomorrow: AMP Energy Lightning

Be sure to also check out the AMP Energy website please!

Medicinal Facts Per 473 mL (1 can)

Guarana Extract (Paullinia cupana)(seed) 296 mg, Taurine 292 mg, Caffeine (from caffeine, guarana) 158 mg, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 39.4 mg (170% DV), Oriental Ginseng extract (Panax ginseng)(root)(15% ginsenosides) 33.0 mg, Vitamin B5, pantothenic acid (calcium d-pantothenate) 16.0 mg (230% DV), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3.9 mg (240% DV)

Calories 220, Fat 0 g (0% DV), Carbohydrate 58 g (19% DV), Protein 0 g, Sodium 220 mg (9% DV)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Carbonated water, Glucose-Fructose, citric acid anhydrous, natural and artificial orange citrus flavor, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, corn maltodextrin, gum arabic, orange color, salt, calcium disodium EDTA, brominated vegetable oil, dimethylpolysiloxane.


One Response to “AMP Energy Re-Ignite”

  1. Hello,
    was this last called relaunch? because ive seen online a citrus flavor of a orange amp.
    i cant seem to find this flavor anywhere. can you give me a website or some kind of store to start at?



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