As we all know, energy drinks have a variety of medicinal ingredients. One in particular that is seen in every energy drink on the market is taurine. Taurine originally (and I highly emphasize “originally”) came from the bile of certain animals, such as bulls and oxen. In fact, the word “Taurine” is derived from the Latin word “Taurus,” which, of course, means bull. But the taurine in energy drinks today is produced synthetically from plants.

Taurine has been heavily mistaken as an amino acid, when, in actuality, it is an organic acid, as it occurs naturally. Another name for Taurine is “tauric acid.” Energy drink manufacturers have stated that Taurine can have positive effects on the body. Unfortunately, scientific studies have not found any proof behind this, nor have they proven Taurine to be energy-giving. But one study that has been done has proven Taurine can be beneficial in aiding high blood pressure as well as other cardiovascular ailments, such as hypertension.

People have often stated how unhealthy energy drinks are. Being a common consumer of energy drinks, they are right to a degree. For example: Stay as far away as you can from energy drinks containing high fructose corn syrup. But in a 2008 review, according to Wikipedia, it was revealed there were no negative effects associated with the amount of taurine in energy drinks. On average, energy drinks contain 1000 mg per serving (A serving is generally 8.4 fl. oz. or 240 mL).

So while taurine doesn’t provide the energy benefits we thought it did, it does help in certain ways with your health. Personally, I’d say ginseng provides more energy than taurine, but that’s just me.

Source: Wikipedia


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