For the time I have been doing this blog, I have posted ingredients with the drinks I have reviewed. One ingredient that always appears in the medicinal section is Glucuronolactone. So finally, I decided to write about this ingredient, as it has intrigued me for quite some time, I am going to reveal what this ingredient is all about.

According to an article in Wikipedia, Glucuronolactone is “a naturally occurring chemical produced by the metabolism of glucose in the human liver.” It has also been found glucuronolactone is present in many plant gums.

The main claim to fame Glucuronolactone has in energy drinks is that it detoxifies the body. While it is known levels of Glucuronolactone far exceed those found in the rest of our diet, it has been concluded by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that exposure to consumption of glucuronolactone in energy drinks is not a safety concern (No Observed Adverse Effect Level of Glucuronolactone = 1000 mg/kg/day). The EFSA did report that fatality did occur after an intake of 1420 mL of an energy drink.

In essence, Glucuronolactone is like any vitamin or mineral: No matter how it is taken, a certain level is fatal. But the right amount is just fine.

Source: Wikipedia


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