Top Five Best-Tasting Energy Drinks

Happy Monday to all of you! I know, I’m just like Garfield as well: I hate Mondays. But hopefully this list will help you.

I have decided to do a Top Five list and will have one every week. Every Top Five list that is posted is my opinion. And if you don’t agree with me, I encourage you to post a Top Five list of your own. So without further adieu: Here are my Top Five Best-Tasting Energy Drinks:

1) Tie: Xenergy Cherry Lime & Cherry Rush. Both are technically the same flavor. The only difference is Cherry Rush has a little more caffeine and Vitamin B12. But both taste exactly the same and, of course, are amazing. The main flavor is cherry, but you can notice the lime as well. Very crisp, clean flavor. Quite enjoyable. And like all Xenergy flavors: Cherry Lime and Cherry Rush have zero calories, as well as zero sugar!

2) Bawls Cherry: Are you noticing something? No, not all drinks on here will be cherry. But this one looks and tastes clean. Flavor definitely stands out. Other than the fact it contains high fructose corn syrup, still a good drink to have.

3) Rockstar Burner (Known as Rockstar Zero Carb in the US): Ever since this drink became available three years ago, it has always been one of my favorites!. Only 20 calories, no sugar and contains green tea and yerba mate! Both are excellent for burning fat and improving metabolism. But the flavor is immaculate! I always thought it was blueberry, but I wasn’t far off. It’s a combination of melon and berry. Still, great tasting…or else it wouldn’t be on this list, right?

4) Xenergy Cran Razz: Xenergy has a second drink that has his my list. Cran Razz is the most-popular flavor Xenergy has ever released…and with good reason! At the time, no other energy drink manufacturer thought of combining cranberry and raspberry. We know it has been done with juices, but never energy drinks. The taste of Xenergy Cran Razz is sweet and has the right amount of tartness at the same time. And it goes down nicely too. Any time I see Xenergy in stores, I always, always pick up a can of Cran Razz, as long as it is available.

5) NOS Original: NOS is the most-powerful energy drink on the market today, boasting a whopping 250 mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz. can. And believe me: On a day like Monday, if you’re feeling rough, that extra amount of caffeine comes in handy. NOS Original is a citrus-flavored drink, which is one of the most-noticed flavors of energy drinks on the market and out of all the citrus-flavored drinks, this one is the best! But like Bawls: My only complaint is the fact it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, which all manufacturers really need to get rid of.

If you have a Top Five of your own: Please post it here on the blog, on my Facebook fan page, or tweet me at Twitter.


One Response to “Top Five Best-Tasting Energy Drinks”

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