So today, I am reviewing another ingredient you will find in energy drinks. It seems this ingredient is pretty common within the Monster Energy line-up: Maltodextrin. As a result, I decided to check and see what this ingredient is all about.

Maltodextrin is derived from corn in North America and wheat in Europe. But it may be derived from any starch. Wheat-derived maltodextrin has raised flags when it comes to containing gluten. As maltodextrin is such a highly-processed ingredient, the protein has been removed. Therefore, it is gluten-free.

Maltodextrin is also commonly used as an alternative to sweetening foods and drinks. Besides being an ingredient in Monster, it may also be found in sodas and candy. One candy that contains maltodextrin is SweeTarts. Maltodextrin is also known for being easily digestible, and is as rapidly absorbed as glucose.

Maltodextrin is classified by DE (dextrose equivalent) and has a DE between 3 and 20. Depending how high the DE value is, the glucose chain will be shorter, the sweetness will be higher, as will the solubility. If a DE level is 20 or higher, it is classified as glucose syrup under the European Union’s CN Code. Whereas DE levels of 10 or lower, maltodextrins are classified as dextrins.

Source: Wikipedia


2 Responses to “Maltodextrin”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Informative post Thanks! Since watching food inc recently, I decided to go ahead and do a bit more research as this sounded again like one of those “clever arrangements of corn”.

    The nutritional stats I found stated that a half cup serving of maltodextrin contains 190calories,48.5g of carbs and 2g of sugars- here is the link.. How far up on the ingredient list is this generally? Do you feel the numbers match the nutritional stats provided on the can?

    • Usually, maltodextrin is the last or second-last ingredient found. The only energy drink I have found it in is Monster.

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