Top Five Energy Drink Advertisers

As we know: In the world of business, in order to be successful, you have to get your name out there by advertising. These five energy drinks go that extra mile over everyone else though:

1) Red Bull: What more can be said about this energy drink when it comes to advertising? You have the animated advertisements of big-nosed characters who fly around after drinking Red Bull, claiming it gives them wings. Thankfully, they have someone at the end of each ad clarifying as to what they mean by “It Gives You Wings.” Just like anything: The only reason they did it is because someone most likely tried to literally fly after drinking a Red Bull.

But enough joking aside: Red Bull puts their name all over everything! Their annual Air Race, Flugtag, Crashed Ice, as well as numerous race car teams in Indy, F1 and NASCAR. And anywhere you drive around any major city: You may even find a van or can with the Red Bull logo emblazoned on it!

2) Xenergy: A division of Xyience, Xenergy’s logo can always be found at every UFC event, being the official energy drink of UFC. For any of you who watch the World Poker Tour, you may have also noticed Xenergy’s logo outside the table as well. Hey, poker players need to stay awake if they are going to be sitting at the table for fifteen hours, right?

3) Monster: Just like Red Bull, Monster sponsors racing teams, but more so when it comes to motorcycle racing and extreme sports.

4) Rockstar: Also sponsors motorcycle racers, as well as BMX racers. I didn’t know BMX still existed!

5) AMP Energy: Official energy drink of Dale Earnhardt Jr., plus they sponsored the NHL Winter Classic back in 2008.


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