Java Monster Irish Blend

Here is another form of Monster’s Energy Coffees that I have tried. This one is the Irish Blend. It tastes just like they added a hint of Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey, but obviously, there isn’t any alcohol in it. I would have to say this is the best energy coffee I have ever had, alcohol or not. Certainly the right amount of sweetness to it and full of flavor! Rockstar may have some competition here!

Be sure to check out the Monster website!

Medicinal Ingredients per 444 mL: 2-aminoethylsulfonic acid (taurine) (synthetic) 1875 mg, ginseng (panax ginseng) (root) (2% ginsenosides) 375 mg, caffeine (synthetic) 186 mg, vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 37.5 mg, D-Glucuronolactone (synthetic) 9.4 mg, inositol (synthetic) 9.4 mg, guarana (paullinia cupana) (seed) (22% caffeine) 9.4 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) 3.8 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3.2 mg.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients per 444 mL: Filtered water, reduced fat milk, sucrose, glucose, sodium citrate, naturally sourced flavors, color (caramel), salt, tricalcium phosphate, natural gum stabilizers (cellulose, guar & carrageenan), sucralose, maltodextrin.


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