Ginkgo Biloba

So far, I have only found one brand of energy drink that contains ginkgo biloba. That energy drink would be Rockstar. The majority of flavors in Rockstar’s line-up contain around 250-300 mg of ginkgo biloba. According to many medical experts, taking supplements that contain 40-200 mg of ginkgo is perfectly fine.

Ginkgo biloba is derived from leaves off Ginkgo trees, which are native to eastern China. These trees grow between 20-35 meters (66-115 feet) tall. For centuries, the Chinese have used Ginkgo Biloba to enhance memory, as well as enhancing concentration and averting vertigo. Past studies, on the other hand, have differed about its efficacy. For instance, ginkgo biloba has been tried in alleviating dementia, though was found ineffective.

I have found while drinking Rockstar, at least any flavor that has ginkgo biloba, my mind has never felt fuzzy and have been able to concentrate on any tasks I need to accomplish. Not saying ginkgo biloba is entirely responsible, but it’s helped.

Source: Wikipedia


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