Top Five Energy Drink Label Designs

As always: With Top Five lists, this is strictly my opinion. If you would like to share your top five, please feel free to do so.

Every energy drink manufacturer wants to be recognized for something, besides how their drink tastes. So the label designs on cans and bottles are a way of saying “Come on! Try me!” These are the five that really grabbed me:

1) Tie: AMP Energy with Green Tea & Black Tea: Both the Green and Black Teas for AMP Energy got me, because of the really cool Asian Dragon design on the logo. Of course, tea is native to Asian countries, as is the dragon. Speaking of which: The Year of the Dragon is two years away!

2) Bawls Cherry: The really cool thing about this can is the trademark Bawls dots are similar to the mountain on the Coors can, except instead of being blue when cold, the dots are gray.

3) Java Monster Irish Blend: For those who are true Irish or obsessed with Irish Celtic design, you’ll love this can. Plus the can is as green as the Emerald Isle itself!

4) Rage: While the original Rage is not exactly one of my favorite drinks on the market, I absolutely love the design of the can! Like its name, the label looks very, very angry! Same goes for Rage Wrath, which also tastes better.

5) Tie: Red Bull and Rockstar Energy Cola: Can’t go wrong with a classic. Always liked the two bulls facing one another ready to butt heads for Red Bull. As for Rockstar Energy Cola: Black is mean-looking, but the fact it is matte black makes it even cooler!

Please feel free to let me know what five label designs are your faves! Would certainly love to know!


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