Top Five Energy Drinks I Will Never Drink Again

Okay, I hate to sound negative, but I’m sure we all knew eventually once I started these Top Five Lists I would have one like this. So I may as well get it out of the way now, then we can focus on more positive Top Five lists in the future. But let’s be honest: We all have those drinks we will never have again. So without further adieu, here they are:

1) Red Rain Mocha Cappuccino: This drink would have been fine, had Red Rain not thrown carbonated water in. If you recall my review, I indicated it tasted just like Coke Blak…and we all know where Coke Blak is now. But if you do try it: You have been warned.

2) Original Rage: I have gone on about how wild berry flavored drinks have been hit or miss in the past. This one was certainly a miss. Not because it was wild berry, but it was like swallowing liquified chalk. Strange thing is Rage Wrath tasted better…but that was also grape flavor, which you can never screw up.

3) Diet Red Rain: I remember an old Garfield comic strip where Jon put Garfield on yet another diet. This would lead Garfield to utter “Diet is ‘Die’ with a T!” Well, that’s how this one tasted. Honestly, it made you crave the sugary stuff again, even though you want to get away from it. Luckily, there are other sugar free energy drinks where I have not encountered a similar situation.

4) Monster Mixxd: I was very disappointed with this flavor. First of all: I couldn’t make out if it was pomegranate, grape or whatever. It just didn’t appeal to me. In fact, I apologized to Monster on this blog for giving it such a bad review, which is rare of me, because I know you shouldn’t have to apologize for anything. But I also expected more, what with Monster being one of the largest producers of energy drinks out there.

5) Tie: Java Monster Loca Moca and Mean Bean: Just like Monster Mixxd, I expected more from these two and was greatly disappointed. While I liked the “Mean Bean” better, I still wouldn’t have it ever again. Just didn’t appeal to my palate. Same goes for the “Loca Moca.”

Remember: These are drinks I have reviewed. If you feel the same way as me, or even differently, please feel free to comment. And to those who point out “If you don’t like it, don’t drink it,” I will state this in advance: Please don’t mention that, as I already know. If you do point out the obvious, your comment will be removed.

Have a great day and next week’s Top Five will flow with more positivity.


One Response to “Top Five Energy Drinks I Will Never Drink Again”

  1. gwugluud Says:

    No need to feel sheepish about being “negative”; if something should be said, it should be said, regardless.
    Thanks for providing info on Red Rain Energy Shot. I Found, like, a crate of it at Walmart for amazingly cheap, and I wanted to see what others have experienced. Normally I drink 5-Hour Energy (the stronger version, in the darker packaging), but damn…It’s expensive.
    But I see I get what I pay for…the RR fades away too quickly. It would be a great value if it lasted a few hours.
    Diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I take prescription Nuvigil, 250 mg. Fairly good stuff. THEN I drink 5-Hour, take Vivarin, and/or drink coffee on top of it.
    Makes my CDs I listen to on my headphones up at work sound REALLY, REALLY good…
    Red Bull SUCKS GIRAFFE ASSCRACK…How’s THAT for “negative”…
    Nuvigil makes me not want to ever shut up….did you notice??

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