Guarana Antarctica

Recently, I received a couple energy drinks from Brazil that I figured would be good to try. Ordinarily, I would post the ingredients, but since they are in Portuguese, I will not be able to. So anyway, guarana drinks are very, very popular in Brazil. Maybe not as popular as football and MMA, but still quite popular.

The first drink I will be reviewing today is Guarana Antarctica, which is one of the most popular drinks in Brazil. If you recall from one of my earlier posts, the guarana berry is grown in Brazil and is a natural source of caffeine. This drink itself tastes just like Sprite or 7-Up. Not a bad thing, but didn’t expect that kind of flavor. It was still quite smooth and satisfying going down and it can be like crack: Very addictive. So please keep your consumption of Guarana Antarctica to a minimum, but at least give it a try.


One Response to “Guarana Antarctica”

  1. Guarana Antarctica isn’t an energy drink, it’s soft drink. I’m not a fan of it, but it tastes great and my brother loves it… I don’t believe this is as addictive as Coca-Cola (which I prefer) and people should definitely try it! Actually, Coca-Cola too has a guarana drink here in Brazil, called Guarana Kuat… but Guarana Antarctica tastes better and sells better than Kuat.

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