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New Flavor At Gamma Labs

Posted in Blog News, Industry News on 04/22/2013 by Brett

So a few months ago, Gamma Labs had informed me they were looking at releasing new flavors this year. Within the last week, they released their newest flavor: Pink Lemonade! You can go to Gamma Labs website and order either a 40 serving tub or 20 stick box. Right now, they have a special on where if you order a 40 serving tub or a 20 stick box of their new Variety Pack, you also get a free shaker cup. Please check out their website for more details!


New Flavor From Xenergy!

Posted in Industry News with tags , , , , , on 10/06/2011 by Brett

In case you haven’t been on the Xyience website or Facebook page lately, Xyience, the manufacturer of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC, has released a new flavor as part of their Xtreme (black can) lineup: Frostberry Blast! The can also features MMA Legend and current UFC fighter Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva on the can. Due to the recent success of Xenergy’s Fruit Punch flavor with another UFC fighter, Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, on the can, Xyience looks as if they wanted to use their marketing prowess again with one of the best MMA fighters in the last decade with “The Axe Murderer.”

Frostberry Blast also replaces Citrus Slam, which was reviewed on this blog a long time ago. Frostberry Blast should now be at a store near you. If not, let’s hope it will be soon. I know I am looking forward to reviewing it myself!

For more news about Xyience and Xenergy, go to the Xyience website and Facebook page! You may also follow Xyience on Twitter @XYIENCE.

Big News From TapouT Energy

Posted in Industry News with tags , , , , on 05/30/2011 by Brett

For months, many of us have known TapouT Energy was releasing a fourth flavor to their already kick-ass line-up. Well, the wait is finally over! Received news on Twitter that TapouT Energy has now released their newest flavor, Papaya Green Tea!

As for my American friends: All TapouT Energy flavors will hopefully be heading south of the 49th. No official announcement yet, but I know the TapouT Energy guys are working diligently on that.

Don’t forget to check out the TapouT Energy website as well! If you click on “News,” it will mention where you may pick up the new Papaya Green Tea flavor. I’m sure just like the other three flavors, this one is going to be absolutely epic!

Xenergy Releases Fruit Punch Flavor

Posted in Industry News on 02/08/2011 by Brett

A few weeks back, I mentioned on here Xenergy was looking to release a new flavor in their Xtreme (black can) line-up. And today, it was released. The new flavor is Fruit Punch! It also comes in a limited time collector’s can with a picture of UFC fighter Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, who is also a spokesperson for Xenergy’s parent company, Xyience. No word on when it will be in Canada though.

For more information, please check out the Xyience website!

Xenergy to release new flavor

Posted in Industry News with tags , , , on 01/27/2011 by Brett

I was perusing through the web and just for laughs, I went to Xyience’s website. After all, Xyience is the company that created and distributes Xenergy. I noticed the Lemon Blast flavor is no longer in the Xtreme (black can) line-up and that a new flavor will be released soon. Tried looking through the website to see when the new flavor will be out, but there was nothing to be found. At any rate, once I find out, I will keep you all posted. Hopefully, they followed my suggestion from a while back and went with a grape flavor. But we will wait and see.

Don’t forget: Please check out for other Xyience and Xenergy products.

Red Bull Crashed Ice from Munich, Germany

Posted in Industry News with tags , , , , on 01/15/2011 by Brett

Hey Guys! Just finished watching the Red Bull Crashed Ice event that took place in Munich, Germany, today. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: This event is absolutely exciting!

Last year, there were only the two events in Munich and Quebec City. This year, there are four events. Valkenburg, Netherlands and Moscow, Russia have been added to the schedule. But today was the first event of the year in Munich. The event was held at Munich’s Olympic Park. The same area where the 1972 Summer Olympics took place, as well as the former home of German Bundesliga’s Bayern Munchen.

When it was all said and done, the final featured Arttu Pihlainen of Finland, Lukas Kolc of Czech Republic and the Croxall brothers, Scott and Kyle, from Canada. One snag took place in the final though: Scott Croxall broke the gate early and was disqualified as a result. This meant the final would feature three skaters instead of the usual four. Even with three skaters, it was still very exhilarating to watch.

As the skaters were about to head into what I call “The Punching Bag Turn,” it looked as if Pihlainen had this race in the bag. But like anything, always expect the unexpected. Pihlainen’s left toe dug into the ice and Kyle Croxall took the lead and never looked back. Even with his brother disqualified, that never stopped Kyle from winning!

Kyle Croxall would follow up his win from Quebec City last year by winning in Munich to start this year. Arttu Pihlainen would finish second, while Lukas Kolc took third.

The next race will be in Valkenburg on February 5, followed by Moscow on February 26 and the finale in Quebec City on March 19. You just know Scott Croxall will want to make up for the DQ in the Netherlands in three weeks time. But tonight, you know he will still be celebrating his brother Kyle’s victory at the Red Bull After Party.

Be sure to also check out Red Bull Crashed Ice’s home page, as well as their Facebook page! It’s already starting to look like another amazing year on the Red Bull Crashed Ice circuit…and with four races, it should make it even more exciting.

TapouT Energy to release new flavor

Posted in Industry News with tags , , , , on 01/07/2011 by Brett

First of all: Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2011. Second: I apologize for the long delay in posts. It has been a while.

TapouT, the very same company known for its line of clothing for mixed martial arts, has already released three flavors in their energy drink line-up: Cherry Citrus, Cranberry Orange and Peach Mango. For the record: All will be reviewed in the very near future. But I found out from TapouT Energy last week they will be releasing a new flavor in the future: Papaya Green Tea. No word as to when it will be released, but I know it is coming.

For now, you can find TapouT Energy at 7-Eleven and Wal-Mart. Please also check out TapouT Energy’s website:

My first review for 2011 will be out on Monday, January 10. Stay tuned!